shhh, in the middle of the night

My house is the sound of nature at nighttime: the whirling of the fan is the chirping of crickets and the highway is the ocean. The associations linger but the appeal is fleeting.  Really, the fan is irritating and the highway pollutes every attempt at silence. My apartment is a chronic clash between comfort and stress -- this is normal. I am home.  

Time traveling resulted in two enjoyable October 13, 2010s. Someday though, I hope they figure out a better, faster, more efficient way to travel back in time. Staying awake for 32 hours is painful. And here I am, awake at 5am after going to bed at 1am. Broken body clock.

Updating my blog feels far less profound now that I am home. But, I like the mundane and seemingly unimportant so I will continue to post. Besides, there are stories lurking around, waiting to be adopted by my adventurous "YES." Sign me up, my shell is big enough for it all.

Evil Eye Twins
Pohara, NZ

They gave us the stare down so we pulled off the road. "Hey, hey, we're just passing through.  Not looking for trouble or nothin'. We'll be on our way now, thank you."

Rainbow Connection
Wharariki Beach, NZ

As I bent down to put my camera away, I heard Denise screaming through the vicious winds. Denise yelled many times since stepping into the desert storm and her words now [if any] were faded by the pelting sand. I conquered the wind and closed my bag, turned my head and saw the rainbow. Rainbow! It was there for less than a minute, most of which I spent getting my camera back out of my bag.

This photo belies the pain of the sand storm. Rainbows are colorful and pretty and sand storms are not colorful and questionably pretty. The vivid setting on my camera enjoyed the moment a little too much. But so did I so that's okay. 

Flight of the Navigator

This is my last post from New Zealand but most certainly not my last post about New Zealand. I have a gatrillion photographs + many words, bits, pieces, paragraphs, rocks, shells, lambs, and maps that I am excited to compile into suitable blog [book] format. Sharing is caring and I care a whole lot.

My trip to New Zealand brought form to the unimaginable and momentum to life interrupted. Nothing is perfect but everything is right.

baby fur seal SO CUTE! Abel Tasman, NZ

drift tree Pohara, NZ

sand storm Wharariki Beach, NZ

best hike ever Wharariki Beach, NZ

friendship Pohara, NZ