Movin' Right Along

I moved 2,009 miles from the west coast to the northern middle part of the country.  From a state that sort of looks like a sock to a state that I can't yet identify its location on a map.  I moved from a steady 60 degrees (+/- 20 every day) to a place of weather extremes: 97 degrees with a chance of snow.  I moved swiftly, but I didn't run.  I moved quietly, but made a rather large mess.  Two small shipping containers worth of a mess. 

Packing up my life and sorting through thirty something years of stuff is daunting and dreadful, really.  At first I was extremely organized and refused to pack things unnecessary to the good fortune of my life (a sweater with a hole will not bring me luck at my new job); things redundant (who needs five pairs of scissors? two paper cutters?); excessive amounts of things with no sentimental/financial/purposeful value (hello old notebooks from school, we meet again to say goodbye).  After launching into this process logically and artfully, I realized that the payoff for all my focused attention was a move-date already creeping through my front door.  And suddenly it was time to move.

When I looked at everything crammed into the containers, it seemed Tim and I really didn't have much stuff after all.  It was both a relief that my life isn't so laden with material things and a little depressing that I don't have more things that I actually care about.  I move entirely too much to possess anything of true value.  

Time to move. Time to move? Yes, time to move.  I still can't believe how fast this all happened.  The decision to move from Oakland to Minneapolis wrapped up in about 3.5 weeks.  This includes writing a resume and making a portfolio; applying, interviewing, and accepting a new job; giving two weeks notice at my (then current) job; saying goodbye to my friends; figuring out how one actually moves their life across the country; and finding a new place to live in a city we didn't visit beforehand. 

Despite the heat wave, Minneapolis has been good to us so far.  And so begins a new adventure.

It only makes sense that I moved my blog as well.  I will check-in periodically and see if it likes living here. 

I need to take more photographs. 

We stopped at Mt. Rushmore on the way.  IT'S HUGE! 

The Foshay Tower (in reflection).  Modeled after the Washington Monument and the tallest building in Minneapolis until 1972.

Metro Reflections. View from the Foshay Tower.  

Bottles at the Minnesota State Fair.  

A Refrigerator Full of Cake.   @Minnesota State Fair.

So Much Cake. And Cake. @Minnesota State Fair.