The Seaweed Is Always Greener

The underworld is unbelievable.

Yes, that one too: the world of giant monsters flying around the circles of hell, trapped in ice or racing towards fiery doom.

And then there is this one: the ocean.
Have you ever seen the world under this one? A world where up is water and down ... is more water, and no one truly knows who or what lives there.  Did you know that the Census of Marine Life estimates that 91% of species in the seas have yet to be discovered?*  The ocean is a place of mysterious beauty; colors, shapes, and motions that defy likeness to life on land.  Another world.

To the point: the ocean. As someone who is terrified of swimming in the ocean, I have become obsessed with looking at pictures of life underwater.  And, thanks to Pinterest, I can share this with the world (and you can follow in disbelief).  It is all just so incredible!

And, thanks to Pinterest again (on a completely different board), I pinned this great article on how to make a book planter for succulents ... then instead of wondering where I read about that cool planter idea, I checked my pins and made something.  And then shared it with CNN (#8). Want one?

I have also been watching video tutorials on about landscape photography and shooting raw instead of jpg.  Stay tuned for those results.  The teacher said not to be afraid of cropping or using masks ... so I tried a few experimental so-so iffy maybe ehhhhh things.

[Photos from New Zealand]

*Also fascinating is that they now estimate the total number of species on Earth to be 8,700,000 (give or take 1.3 million). I think that's a lot, right?