The Milford Track: Season 1, Episode 1 Summary

I am a glacially slow writer.  So while we all hold our breath and wait for me to transcribe my journey, here are some photographs:

The Milford Track: 4 days, 33.5 miles, 40 independent hikers, 
56 avalanche paths, 9 swing bridges, 1154 meters above sea level 
at Mackinnon Pass, 970 meters climbing down Mackinnon Pass, 
0 mm of rain, 1 foot in front of the other, ∞ evil sandflies.

 Wetland walk on the way to Clinton Hut. 
Sphagnum Moss is super-natural! Super nature!

 Making friends along the way. Bush Robin.

This is New Zealand.

 Sunrise at Lake Mintaro.

 Mackinnon Pass, mindblowingly beautiful.