Hit and Miss

Rugby is like Team Battle Royale on a football field. 
I am not going to pretend that I understand the rules of rugby. And I definitely cannot detail how exactly the Auckland Blues defeated the Wellington Hurricanes on Sunday. All I know is that we were cheering for the blue team and the blue team won. Everything else I can offer is either speculation or a lie.
I have learned that you are supposed to violently tackle your opponents [although not too violently or else you will go to the Sin Bin].  There is a place called the Sin Bin. This is where players get sent when they have been bad. There is also something called a scrum: an awkward arm-in-leg dance choreographed by the referee. The embrace ends when someone emerges from the pack with the ball, passes it [but never forward] or runs stupidly fast to avoid being clotheslined and kicked in the face, back, and stomach. And there you have it.  If I share too much more, I will most certainly embarrass myself and my American family and friends.

Tickets to the game were only $20 NZD.  The splurge did in fact comply with the rules and regulations set forth by the terms and conditions of frugality.  To directly negate our job well done though, Tim and I walked to Eden Park early so that we could consume two massive vegan burgers and two large fries from Handmade. The portions are unearthly large: "You sure you want two large fries?" The guy behind the tall counter gave us an incredulous stare, pausing a moment before showing us just how enormous the burgers are.  We promptly replied: "Yes." Do not underestimate the carrying capacity of two vegans who love food.

It was a short distance to roll ourselves from dinner to the stadium. We arrived with plenty of time before the start so we caught the pre-game show in its entirety. First, there were about fifty barefoot kids on the field chasing each other in a modified game of rugby. It was an enjoyable show of child exploitation and cuteness.  After the dust had cleared, a bunch of hipster rock dudes with instruments strutted onto the field and took their spots on a small stage. Hipsters are an anomaly here but old habits die painfully slow. Puhlease. Tim and I shared a synchronous eye roll and waited impatiently to hear what we were about to be slapped with.

Despite our derisive commentary throughout their entire set, Midnight Youth had talent.  In fact, it took a few songs to figure out if they were playing live or if their set was pre-recorded.  This band actually sounded good.  Wait, I mean, they are not my type of music or anything but I appreciated their performance. Clap clap clap.

 Falafel burger the size of your face + fries from Handmade. 
Kingsland, Auckland.

 Midnight Youth take the stage at Eden Park.

Cobra Kai vs Midnight Youth.

Adam Sandler vs Midnight Youth.

 The sunset was unreal. Also, there was a rugby game.


 The Blues score, everyone is happy except the guys in yellow.  
We could feel the heat from the flames across the stadium.

 #22 Rokocoko.  To Al, From Tim.