Abide & Endure

I was in San Francisco. I went to Florida. I went back to San Francisco. I am in Los Angeles. Next to San Diego. Then to New Zealand.

[In Florida]
I am riding Tri-Rail train 666 to West Palm Beach. It is running 16 min behind schedule.

Listening to conversations inside the train car and watching the palm tree/concrete landscape flash by outside, I am going to give this an overall creepiness factor of 'Very'.  Like the days of Highlights Magazine, there are some sketchy things hidden in the gaudy pastels.  Sounds and sights fall under the category of "Florida" -- the flip flops, the boom box, and a bmx. It is funny and all out of sorts.

I am sitting on top of the double car -- it is not very crowded -- and this man decides to sit next to me. Oh, there are plenty of other seats, even empty rows, but the seat next to me is special. Obviously. He is wearing white high top Nikes, light wash jeans, wife beater, a nicotine patch covering part of his sleeve tattoo, and small, round sunglasses. He throws his legs up on the seat in front; he has officially made his claim.
I wonder if he knows I am writing about him. He asks me a few questions but I shake my head 'cause I don't care. My headphones are on.

This is the last day I am going to visit Meghan before heading back to San Francisco.  I hope to invert  the afternoon into something more like 'HELLO!'
Hello and not goodbye?
Whatever it is, it is the start of something new.

I have decided that today marks the beginning of my next epic adventure. We win. Meghan taught me to be crazy awesome [lesson #1: save the world], to listen to what the universe is telling me [I'm pretty certain it's screaming at me right now], and the proper way to roll my eyes [so here I go].