Picture Pages

Time to get your crayons and your pencils:

West Coast South Island, NZ
The sign on the highway said something like: "Follow this road to see a white bird surrounded by endless awesomeness." So we followed.  Bird identification is not my thing so I turned to Google for help [as always].  My best guess: white heron/kĊtuku.  According to the NZ DOC, spotting the white heron is rare and "has attained almost mythical status." 

Abel Tasman National Park, NZ
I kayaked past this little starfish creature and immediately stopped, scooped it out of the water, and took a picture. Don't worry, I put it back.  My kayak partner was one of the guides and he was AMAZING ... and did most of the paddling.

Franz Josef Glacier, NZ
There are people in this photograph. WHOAH! Scale.

The Grove, Pohara, NZ
The Grove is enchanted. I am serious.

Haast Blue Pools, NZ

Haast Blue Pools, NZ
Crystal clear glacial water.