The Cow Jumped Over the Moon

I have not been using my words lately: they are slow, inadequate, and misspelled. Stuttter.  I have been periodically adding to my NZ Flickr set.  But I should really post more pictures more often.  All I want to do is drink apple cider.

For weeks in New Zealand, I silenced an embarrassing but pressing question.  I was certain that if I asked said question, my status as an adult would be immediately revoked, reducing me to the adorably naive age of four.  My insecurity of sounding like an idiot was more powerful than my interest in solving mysteries of the universe.  Looks are more important than brains.  
And then.
Last week I was in Los Angeles where there is no such thing as a stupid question. In fact, dumb ideas are profitable and appearing young is crucial.  Consistent with the unexpected harmony of the trip, my question was answered without ever having to ask.  I witnessed a wondrous event: the moon set. Cut in half, asleep on its back, it slumbered into the ocean. Red and orange.  Its reflection cast a line in the water, pulling earth and sky together.  It was a peculiar shadow for such a wide grin.  Until a glow, a flicker, a stuck pixel on the screen. 
Now I know where the moon goes at night.

Many moonless nights:

Wharariki Beach, NZ
Here, the [not so] invisible pain of battling a brutal beach storm.  The arsenal of sand travels on currents otherwise unseen.  I knew it was time to leave when I was knocked to my knees by a gust of wind.

 Wharariki Beach, NZ
The tranquil return from Wharariki Beach [being watched].
 TranzAlpine Train, NZ
Winter colors travel E - W.

 TranzAlpine Train, NZ
Mountains, always.

South Island, NZ
Green water en route to blue water.

 Abel Tasman National Park, NZ
Little living green things.

 Wharariki Beach, NZ
Colorful cave; Safe haven. 

 Abel Tasman National Park, NZ
 Spotted: Spotted Shag.

Doubtful Sound, NZ
Where it ends it also begins.

The Grove, Pohara, NZ
Do you see what I see?