Atlantic Avenue Terminal

Two minutes to go.
I'm sitting on the train; it's moving but it's not moving forward. The music from my headphones conflicts with the idling engine.  There are only a few people on the train - all of them men.  Everyone is looking down, no one is making a sound.
It's loud.

The transfer at Jamaica is timed, perfectly.
The train car squeaks and rattles with every bump like a buggy from the 19th century. It's old old school but bigger, faster, and more infrastructural.  Feeling every bump makes me motion sick; hearing every bump makes me want to get up and leave the car.  But I don't.
I turn my music up.

Life has been busy [nope, not in a good way] and my posts have waned.  I still have so many photos to share ... slowly.

On the hike to Wharariki Beach, NZ

Wharariki Beach, NZ

between Takaka and Wharariki Beach, NZ
black swans

Pohara, NZ
driftwood sculpture. so humanlike.

sunset Pohara, NZ