Why Exist Unless You Wish

So cold.
So so cold.
I left San Francisco for the northern stretch of beaches and redwoods. It is a rare occurrence that I break through the boundaries of the Bay Area for other parts of California. I might have traveled around the word but I still haven't looked under the rocks in my own backyard.  In fact, Shell Beach is surprisingly FULL of rocks.
I slept adjacent to a creek underneath a canopy of giant redwoods.
It was so so so cold.
It was so so so red, green, blue, and beautiful. 
We explored Fern Gully and mossy forests, walked at least 100 miles [maybe less]; my friends tumbled down mountainsides, fell off rock faces, and dozed off into the fire pit.
I had fun.

Pomo Canyon Environmental Camp
Jenner, California

Morning light at the campsite.

Standing at the edge of a not so big cliff.

Mushrooms are pretty. 

The end of Pomo Canyon Trail, Highway 1 + Pacific Ocean.

At Goat Rock.

I watched the sunset.

I watched the moon rise.

More photos on flickr.
More New Zealand photos + other gems next time.