Sounds Like

My updates have fallen severely behind and I apologize to the approximately two people I know who read this regularly [Hi Mom and Dad!]. Just rest assured that everything is awesome. 

It would be pointless for me to write about all these days until now -- it would blow your brain to chunks. I will tell you some things though:

Milford Sound receives 7m [23 ft] of precipitation every year. It rains 2 of every 3 days. 
Today, it is sunny. Duh.
We pass tree avalanches and snow avalanches. Car to Te Anau; bus to Milford Sound; boat ride around the sound. I refused to move from the front of the boat for the entire ride. Got great photos! And I also got sea sick! Totally worth it.
Doubtful Sound is where clouds are made. Water rolls down the mountainside taking shape from the strength and direction of the winds. Each gust connects a drop of water to the next until a cluster can stand on its own. Then, it's launched into the atmosphere and summoned to different parts of the world.

After traveling all the way to the edge of the universe just to take a deep breath, I stood in the darkness and could not breathe. The Doubtful Sound crushed my soul.

Remind me to tell you about the claw monster and being epically scared. And also remind me to tell you about everything else.

Milford Sound, NZ 

Milford Sound, NZ
Kissing Turtles

 Doubtful Sound, NZ