The Rest

Some things: We took the day off in Queenstown. It is a day of nothing and it is fantastic. Except for the part about my phone breaking. That was so so. 

I love kiwi fruit. 

Before skipping town, we bike ride on the Frankton track, I run the Sunshine Bay trail, and we horseback ride in Glenorchy. Chester, biggest bully smallest horse. It was cold and rainy but I got to see where the Battle for Helm's Deep took place and the spot where Boromir was killed. 
Sandfly bites are the worst ever. 
Waterfalls are lightning bolts in 2D. 
Everywhere we go I collect rocks and shells. 
Hiking a glacier is hard work. 
Me: 'Can I get an americano?' Lady: raises her brow, 'I can only make what's on the menu.' She points to a small sign on the wall. In Westport I buy a $5 soy latte. There is nothing in Westport except for this store and an abandoned playground.
Those really are penguin crossing signs. We pull over to the side of the country road and turn off the car. Up up up at the stars. Who brought the planetarium? Where does the moon go at night?
Abel Tasman is a special day. It is special because it is spectacular. I am grateful for every single second of this trip. Tonga Island Seals kayaking and "Un"guided Walking trip is a best day. 
Staying in a cottage studio on the beach in Golden Bay. ON THE BEACH! We awoke this morning to jellyfish on our chairs and all my shells were missing. Caught the culprit, an eight year old wild child.