"Turtle's keynotes are motherhood, longevity, and awakening to opportunities ... She reminds us that, by using the resources we have been given, including our common sense and knowledge, we can right ourselves even when the world turns us upside down ... She reminds us to think things through before we act.  She also reminds us that we need to find a balance between swimming in the Water-Source of Creativity and coming out onto the land to apply what we've learned.  She has to find the way from birth-sand to the sea essentially on her own. 

Julia White teaches that turtle people are loving and nurturing ... They make haste slowly, being careful that their thoughts and plans are fully investigated and explored before being put into action. They take their time about things for they know there is no need to rush, for turtle is also the mark of longevity ... Turtle people are true survivors, and have sharply honed senses to assure their survival on both the physical and spiritual levels. They have acute hearing; they are very sensitive to vibrations; they have the gift of clairvoyance ... Turtle is encouraging you to use your own head and heart to be all that you can be. Listen." 

Me: I don't really consider myself a spiritual person ...
Denise: You are SUCH a spiritual person!
Me: Na ah, no way.  I'm not spiritual. I don't believe in anything.

Last night, while researching the symbolic representation of an elephant, I came across the website quoted above.  If the site did not boldly state it was last updated in January 2006, I would think a very intelligent person viewed my blog, made some massive personality interpretations, and wrote about the anthropomorphic turtle. C'mon, "make haste slowly" is MY tagline.  I did not ask to be a turtle; a turtle asked to be me.

Fine. I believe in magic. I see the world in grayscale.  I ask a lot of unanswerable questions to the Universe. The turtle is my spirit guide.

I would write more but for days now, there have been mischievous gnomes trampling on my brain, giving me headaches. How about some pictures:

Tranzcoastal Train, Pacific Ocean

Tranzcoastal Train,  South Island

mountain tops  Kaikoura, NZ

Lake Pukaki, NZ

vineyard Tranzcoastal Train

Pancake Rocks  Punakaiki, NZ

Lake Ruataniwha, NZ