The Proposal

Dear Mom and Dad, 

I am writing to let you know that today I met my future husband. His name is Monkey. I am certain you will love him as much as I do. He saved my life so that makes him a super amazing totally awesome guy. Not sure his real name, or much else about him ... but I think he's perfect.

Oh, right, I'm alive.

Not that you had any idea what I was doing at 10:30am but I just wanted to tell you that everything is a-okay. Almost. My right shoulder is wrecked, burning in all the wrong places.  And my hand is bruised, but only on the bendy part of the thumb.    

Oh, yeah, I hate underground cave rafting.  I lived a nightmare for about two hours this morning: dark caves + water rapids.  I flipped my inner tube after jumping over a waterfall, smacked my body into the side of the cave wall, and was trapped underwater for long enough to know that I really really hate cave rafting.  

But I am totally fine. And this super amazing totally awesome guy named Monkey saved my life. 

Love you!

current location: Rotorua, NZ